Remember Everything

Store your thoughts, notes, photos and links.
Mindverse automatically organizes them so you can find them later.

Your Google account is only used for authentication.

How it works

Enter something you want to remember
eg. notes, links or pictures.

"Elgar Cello Concerto."

Mindverse will automatically tag it for you
using natural language processing, knowledge graph, image recognition and a host of other tools to find the right tags.

"Sir Edward William Elgar", "Orchestra", "Music"

So it's easy to find in the future
Find it even if you don't remember it exactly.

"Elgar Cello Concerto."

Mindverse also works with pictures and links
Mindverse automatically analyzes the picture or link to make sure it's searchable in the future.


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About Mindverse

Mindverse was created to solve a very simple problem - to remember everything you can see or think of. It is designed for memorizing small snippets of information.

No Ads
There are no ads on Mindverse. We do not sell your thoughts to 3rd parties.

Mindverse is free for the first month, $5 per month after that. You will always have access to your data even if you stop paying.

Note: Mindverse is currently in Beta.